👆 Touch Basic  
Start coding on touchscreen.
Touchscreen Coding.
Simple. Intuitive. Basic.
Compiles to JavaScript.
Geared for 2D Canvas games.
iPhone / iPad
Desktop PC or Mac
No Download Needed
TouchBasic Features:
  • No downloads needed. No setup. No signup required.
  • Run instantly every time. No waiting to build/compile.
  • Code without internet on your phone/tablet. (or computer)
  • Includes a handy image editor and sound editor, for quick edits to your assets.
  • Export to a standalone HTML file you can embed into a website or your native app.
  • OpenGL accelerated. Automatic texture packing.
Language Features:
  • Arrays. Lists. Classes. Member functions. Object/array pointers.
  • Mouse, keyboard and touchscreen input commands.
  • Images, shapes and text drawing commands.
  • Real-time rotation, transparency, scaling, and tinting.
The Principles of Touch Basic:
  • A future where most people don't own a computer should be embraced. What's a computer? A device with a physical keyboard. Young people are encouraged to code now more than ever before, yet they are also growing up only using phones and tablets.
  • Programming languages sould be more like natural languages. Spaces can be allowed in variable names. Arrays should start at 1, like in every natural language.
  • The IDE should know everything. This should not cause lag. This should not cause the IDE to get in your way trying to suggest things and blocking your view when you didn't ask.
  • Quick results are important. Rapid prototyping is important. A large portion of development is figuring out exactly what should be developed. You try things out and scrap things frequently. You should be able to whip something up quickly. This is the main advantage of an interpreted language.
  • We can be productive staring at our phones all day. You could be on a train and you didn't bring your laptop because you're going to a show later. You could be waiting with an unexpected 2 hour delay at the car repair shop. Have you ever been scrolling through some feed on your phone and thought you should do something productive, but what apps do you have that are productive?
Full Command List:

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